The Frontenac Amateur Radio Club is located in the City of Kingston, at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. (FN14)

The club was formed in September 2006 as an ARES Group, but due to a lack of support, direction, and leadership on behalf of RAC, our Canadian national organization, we soon left and became an independent Emcomm organization.  Today we operate as a regular ham radio club, and have the Emcomm team as an adjunct to the club.

Our Emcomm team supports the four municipalities within Frontenac County and the main county administrative complex in Glenburnie.

Members of the Club are involved with island and lighthouse activations and various public service and emergency preparedness activities. The Frontenac Amateur Radio Club is a not-for-profit organization.

The club meets on the third Thursday of the each month, except August and December, at 7:00pm. Our meetings are at the Frontenac County Ambulance Logistics Base at 706 Fortune Crescent.

Membership in the Frontenac Amateur Radio Club provides a forum for the learning of new skills, the sharing of ideas and experiences with other hams, or just for the fellowship of others who share an interest in amateur radio. Seminars are conducted from time to time on topics of interest.

The club operates one VHF voice repeater and also operates three WL2K RMS Express Nodes, and two WL2K Internet Gateways.  We also have numerous members that participate in many of the RAC, CQ, IARU and ARRL contests.

In the winter of each year, the club hosts classes to teach licensing requirements to prospective new hams.

We are always looking for new and interesting (Ham related) topics for our members. If you have a subject of interest and like to do presentations please email our education coordinator on our contact page.